Our Story

Ahmed Kalokoh, founder of Sappe Euro Custom Suits, began his journey to Sappe early in his life. At the age of  17, he sold clothing in Sierra Leone, Africa. Once the civil war started, ports closed, which resulted in fewer goods, especially designer clothing, getting into the country. Kalokoh traveled to countries like Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali to buy clothing to bring them back to Sierra Leone. During his travels, he was exposed to Sappeur by a gentleman who sold bold and classy suits with Euro cuts. Soon, that style of dress began to influence Kalokoh’s own personal style.

After migrating to the U.S., Kalokh realized how difficult it was to find a well-fitted suit. And when he couldn’t find one that fit his body and style for his wedding, Sappe was born.

Men no longer have to search tirelessly in department stores for ill-fitted and unflattering suits only to spend more money on alterations. At Sappe, we take out the guess work and give you the tools to help bring your creativity to life.


Our Process







Initial Consultation: Our team will meet with you to learn more about your suiting needs.

Catalog Review: You will have a chance to review our catalogs to come up with your idea.

Measurements: To ensure the perfect fit, we will make sure your sizing is accurate.

Sample review: Images of the final design is sent to you for review and feedback.

Suit Delivered: Once the final design is confirmed, the suit is delivered within two weeks.